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The following Testimonials have been submitted by satisfied clients of Finding Home for Older Adults, Inc.

Dear Brian,
Thank you very much for all your assistance with my father prior to his death.

I live 1,000 miles away, as you know, and over the past years it has been increasingly difficult to get an idea of his situations. Your knowledge was extremely helpful to my decisions. You knew the questions to ask staff and you made sure to talk to the appropriate people.

I only wish I would have received a referral for your services earlier in his care. Your actions on my father’s behalf was a great comfort for me and, again, assisted me in informed decisions that needed to be made.

Warm regards,JB, Oregon

Dear Brian,
I want to thank you again for helping my mom and me find an excellent place for my stepfather to live and thoroughly vetting it. Unlike any other placement service, you actually participated in the process of selection, comparison, and evaluation. I was really pleased when you said you wanted to meet with us at the care home so you could satisfy yourself that it would meet my stepfather’s needs. The things that you checked out, e.g., no dust behind the TV set, actual licenses of caregivers, previous menus, etc., etc., vastly eclipsed my limited examination of the facility. I also appreciate that you were easy to talk to, visited with us many times including on a weekend, and took your job seriously and performed at the highest level of professionalism.

I will tell anyone else I know who needs services similar to what you provided that you have my highest recommendation and confidence.SC, San Diego

Brian Abramson of Finding Home for Older Adults, Inc. was instrumental in locating a great company that provides in-home caretakers. Recently a family member suffered a stroke and in a matter of hours all of our lives were turned upside down. The family member was hospitalized for a week and upon returning home was to receive 24-hour care. All of this was extremely overwhelming for our entire family. My family member was too overwhelmed and embarrassed to accept help from friends. With Brian’s skill in helping us determine what type of assistance we needed, we were able to find the right company and caretaker that would facilitate the needs of the family member as well as give us a little respite. Brian made himself available at all hours of the day and night, including weekends and late evenings. He made us very comfortable contacting him and he always and still does provide us with useful information during a time of need. He also continues to check in on us. We are grateful for Brian’s help and knowledge in dealing with a very sensitive issue. He made a very stressful and scary time for us into something manageable and this has enabled all of us to get back to a normal routine. We are forever appreciative to Brian and highly recommend his services to anyone who has a loved one in need of assistance.CS, San Diego
Dear Brian,
My sister and I want to thank you from the bottom of our heart for the wonderful nurses you sent us for Mom’s last days on earth.

We were impressed by the level of care, integrity and professionalism that your nurse provided.

After so many days of stress and so many unsuccessful attempts to find competent nurses, my sister and I where quite surprised to encounter authentic human beings that cared and where understanding of all the trauma we where going through. These nurses where absolutely phenomenal: not only experts and solid in their knowledge but most important where actually caring and dedicated to make mom’s experience as comfortable as possible, as if they where part of our own family. The fact they knew how and when to take decisions without constantly waking me up for advise proved so valuable that I finally could go and rest in peace, knowing that your nurses where God sent.

A mother’s love is irreplaceable and no one can really remove our pain, but we will be eternally in debt to you and grateful for having provided such exceptional nurses that where authentic jewels in her last journey.

Thank you so muchSD, La Jolla, CA

It has been a complete delight working with Brian. I was referred to Brian by a professional who knew I wanted to move from my rather large residence to a more appropriate community. I described to Brian the general locations I preferred and also let him know how much I could spend each month. Brian found the perfect community for me, although it was very different from what i had earlier described. I really appreciate how Brian thought outside of the box, went on community tours with me, and gave his contact information to the community sales managers so I would not have to deal with undesirable calls. This lightened my load considerably at such a stressful time. I will definitely work with Brian again if I need to make another move at a later date.

Sincerely,CR, San Diego

To Whom It May Concern:

Brian Abramson was referred to me by a discharge nurse who is with a major healthcare company and cognizant of my husband’s deteriorating health earlier this year.

I was quite overwhelmed with the long hours and exhaustion of caregiving when I contacted Brian. He eased my mind assuring me that we would find what I needed. He led the search quickly and efficiently and my husband and I are both very happy with the results of his efforts.

It was my pleasure to recommend Brian to a neighbor recently, and I plan to contact him myself as the situation here changes.SC, San Diego

My dad had taken a “turn for the worse” very quickly. Up until the end of October, we felt he could stay at home and I was working with someone else to help me find care to meet his needs. That changed when he fell, and started a spiral of being in and out of the hospital/nursing home. We had planned to come to San Diego for the week of Thanksgiving to meet with Brian and the social workers at the nursing home and find a more permanent (non-home) place for my dad.

I was very comfortable using Brian’s services. He and my husband, and then he and I spoke by email and on the phone for awhile before our trip so we knew what we were looking for in terms of budget, my dad’s “style” and the like. Brian was very professional, arranging for us to see a variety of assisted living facilities (at that point, none of us knew how much my dad would need in the way of services), meet with the managers of each of the facilities, taste the food, tour the facility, meet some residents and other employees, etc. When it became clear that we were going to have to move my dad sooner rather than later (we ended up moving him that same week) , Brian immediately jumped on it, so that we could see more than we had originally planned in a shorter time frame (in addition to three assisted living facilities, we also saw three or four board-and-care places).

Brian was in each of the “meetings” with us, and although we were prepared with a lot of questions, Brian always had additional questions to ask, things that we wouldn’t have thought of or considered, having never been in this situation before. That is the primary function of a professional in Brian’s capacity, in my opinion, helping to guide the client, and Brian did it well. Although we put a deposit in at the first place we saw, we ended up choosing the third place, and that’s where we moved my dad.

In addition to helping us find and select an appropriate facility, Brian also visited my dad in the nursing home just to talk to him about what was going on (it’s different when you talk to a “professional”, even one you know, than it is when you hear it from your daughter), and I appreciated that. Even if he just went to say hello, it was a nice thing to do. He also visited my dad after he moved into the Atria facility; again, I just think that was a very nice thing to do.

Brian didn’t pressure us at all. He was really looking out for my dad, but in the end, not “steering us” toward one facility or the other, just helping us to understand the differences so we could make the right decision in the end.

Brian was responsive to our needs, and helped guide us without pressuring us. We appreciated having a licensed professional assisting us rather than trying to do this on our own.DL, San Francisco